RealNet Property Management & Sales

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We are a Real Estate Property Management Company located in San Diego County, California.

When you are our client, full attention is paid to your property by a Licensed Real Estate Broker.

Vacancies should be avoided, but when they occur, they are aggressively marketed and prospective 
tenants carefully screened.

Rents are collected in a timely manner. Maintenance is done efficiently and inexpensively at actual cost. 

Accounting is done in a professional manner, computerized and separate from all other accounts.

You will receive detailed monthly reports including a copy of the check register, a cash flow report and 
a detailed statement of individual unit rent receipts and management fees for that month. At the end of 
each year you will receive a 12 month cash flow report.

The property manager should do such a good job that his fees are a bargain. Property management that 
doesn't pay for itself is nothing more than a bookkeeping service. Most of all, when you want to speak 
to the Broker he should be available and responsive.

We have been managing real estate for 41 years, in just this manner, providing quality service to our 
clients. Please, give us a call to discuss your needs.

We can save you that which you never seem to have enough of, time and money.

If you don't think you need our services right now, please Bookmark this site for future use. We've been 
around for quite a while, and we'll still be here when you need us.


RealNet Property Management & Sales                                       
8760 La Mesa Blvd., Suite B
La Mesa, CA 91942


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